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New {Yorker} Friend Friday

Posted on: Friday

Here is the first post of a new series I'm trying out, called "New {Yorker} Friend Friday," where I will share about a fellow New Yorker whom Biet befriends each week.  Of course, this means that we need to get ourselves out and about in the city and make some new friends!  With a face like hers, though, I doubt baby girl will have any trouble on that end.

We live in a city with eight million other people. Its so easy to go about my day, working long hours & running errands & riding the subway & moving about the hustle and bustle, and forget to stop and chat with the person standing next to me; forget to ask someone else how their day is. With so many people moving about this grand city, I just know that there are some spectacular friendships to be had. I want Biet to feel a deep connection to her neighbors, to her community, and to her city. And I think the best way to foster this is to slow down and reach out to our fellow New Yorkers. 

So it might happen at the coffee shop or deli as we order a bagel with cream cheese.  It might happen at a crosswalk waiting for the light to turn.  It might happen in the park, or at the museum, or in the grocery store.  It might happen when we're all out to eat as a family, or in the back of a taxi riding uptown, or squeezed into a packed subway car.  It might happen on the other side of town, or right here in our apartment building. A smile, a conversation, a new friend.  

Biet met her first new friend at Union Square Station, waiting for the Q train. It had been a long day, we were both tired and cranky and itching to get home. Then we heard a strong drumbeat and a cheerful song coming from the middle of the platform, and we met her new friend, Mr. Drummer Man. While we didn't actually exchange names with him (that would have required him to stop playing and man oh man was he on a roll!), he did drum little Biet to sleep. He completely turned our day around, and gave me a much-needed reminder of why I love NYC so very much. Plus, he was more than happy to pose with baby girl! So here's to new friends, friends!


  1. I love this new Friday post you will be doing!!


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