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a Lunch Date

Posted on: Wednesday

The Mister, the Misses, and the baby headed out today for a little family lunch date in the East Village {goodness do I miss the East Village!}, at a peaceful little café called The Hummus Place. Baby girl's newfound love of hummus (rivaled only by her father's) may have had a little something to do with our choice of eatery. They serve, hands down, the best hummus in NYC. As we sat by the window on this gloriously warm January day, exchanging crazy apartment-roaming stories from our single days, I felt an intense wave of reassurance. It was the sense of feeling at home, safe and sound. In a little cafe on a little street in a big city, I felt at home, and at ease, because of my family. It's not often, these days, that we venture out leisurely together, especially out to lunch! It was so nice to spend this time with them and forget the rest of the world for a few moments. Biet slept through the whole thing (at her favorite restaurant- go figure!) so we ordered some hummus to-go for her, which she devoured for dinner. She wore a fat happy smile for the rest of the night. I can't wait for our family's next lunch date!


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