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Three Years Married

Posted on: Tuesday

Three years ago, on the first of December, on a cold and windy afternoon, Gaby and I were wed, outdoors, in Manhattan's Tompkins Square Park. It was a small and glamorous affair. I never dreamed that just three years later, our lives would look like this. I never imagined that in place of our tiny studio apartment in the city (our first place together), we would be in a huge two bedroom on the edge of the park. In place of the string of christmas lights that once "decorated"our single blank wall, we would have a coat rack with four coats hanging: Papa's big black peacoat, Mama's camel wool coat, Nico's zippered dog coat, and Baby's tiny pink hoodie. And beyond the coats, there would be a warm home full of art and family portraits and memories. Our lives have gotten so big. And it all started with a vow.

Gaby and I spent our three year anniversary strolling about the city. We slept in (an extra hour and a half of sleep was Biet's anniversary gift to us), then dressed up and headed to the city. Biet rode in her stroller with the "child" seat (instead of the baby bassinet) for the first time. We walked around the Union Square holiday market with its craft stands and apple cider booths, indulged in pastries from Moishe's Bake Shop, warmed up with coffee (decaf for me!) from Mud, and did a spot of shopping. It was a lovely afternoon. Then it was back on the train home to walk Nico, change into my new anniversary shoes (!) that my wonderful husband bought for me, drop Biet with a sitter, and head out on a proper dinner date.  This was the second real date that we've been on since becoming parents! We went to an ahhhmazing South African restaurant in Fort Greene, Madiba, and actually stayed until the kitchen closed.

To our surprise, when we arrived to pick up Biet, she was wide awake- laughing and jumping and acting up for the sitter (aka our friends Joe and Scott- thanks guys for giving us a free night!). She fell asleep like a rock on the drive home, though. And, of course, it wouldn't be a real celebration without stopping for a pint of Ben & Jerry's on the way back home, to eat while we snuggled on the couch.

It was refreshing to get away for awhile and to focus only on each other. And now we head into our fourth year of marriage. Oh my. Life is good.

On another note, our baby girl now really eats! It's so funny/amazing to watch her face as she tastes a new food for the first time. We are taking the food thing pretty slowy- no schedules or rules- and letting her break in her tastebuds at her own pace. So in the moments when I can get her to focus on food instead of my wedding ring (the ring is her new OBSESSION), she munches on oatmeal & almond milk & bananas & squash! Here we go...


  1. she looks so much like you belle in that lower left photo!!!


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