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California part three: Lisa turns 26 !

Posted on: Thursday

My baby sister turned 26 years old! We are only a year and a half apart, Lisa and I, but she will always be my baby sister.  I loved growing up with a sibling so close in age.  Sure, there was bickering, but most of the time we were best friends. I can't believe that we both are now nearing our late twenties! This was the first time in a long time (read: years) that we three sisters were together with our Dad to celebrate one of our birthdays. We had a small get together at Emmy's with champagne & sparkling apple cider (I forgot how good that stuff is!), dessert, party hats, and family. Our cousin Melissa was in town so she joined the party. And, of court, Beckett helped blow out the candles (you can't put candles in the same room with that boy without him getting excited and blowing them all out). Happy Birthday Lisa!


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