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California part Six: Grandfather + Granddaughter

Posted on: Friday

Of all of the photos of our trip out West, these are by far my favorite. This is my Dad. This is Biet's Grandfather. This is a great man. As I watched him and Biet together, I couldn't help but envision him holding me as a tiny baby girl, not so many years ago. After these moments on the porch, my Dad proceeded to sing Biet to sleep in his arms, with the same song he used to sing to me. Good old Willie Nelson: "An' with no place to hide, I looked in your eyes, An' I found myself in you.."


  1. Anonymous6:38:00 AM

    great just great

  2. what a special moment you captured! those sleeping baby cheeks and the waves in the awesome.

  3. i just found your blog today. and your father singing to your daughter was one of the most beautiful things i have seen in a long time. so sweet.

    love from switzerland,

    1. Thank you Selvi. Every time I watch this video i miss my Dad so so very much.


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