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California part four: Our time with Lala + Ice-Cream for breakfast

Posted on: Friday

While we were in California, we stayed at Lisa's house. She lives in a perfectly decorated little bungalow cottage just a couple blocks from the beach. She put us up in her room, gave us her bed, and hosted our little family for the week we were in town. I loved staying there, with her. It's so different now than it used to be, back in the days of us single girls hopping on a plane to visit one another, running around all day, going out all night, and sharing a bed. Now, with a family, arrangements must be made, time must be a bit more scheduled, and baby girl's needs must come first. I am so grateful to have a sister who embraces these changes, and so happy that she and Gaby get along so well (really, they get along in a "call and chat with each other while I'm at work" kind of way). Our time with her was peaceful & fun & wonderful. She is such a giving person, and, truly, one classy lady. So THANK YOU Lisa {Auntie Lala}, for everything.

Here are a couple shots from our first day with Lisa walking around the neighborhood, and from one of our last days with her, eating ice cream, on the beach, FOR BREAKFAST! We had gone a little crazy at the supermarket the night before, and bought a couple pints too many of Ben & Jerry's. Upon waking, I realized that such a thing as too much Ben & Jerry's simply did not exist, and decided to go out on the beach, and put that ice cream to good use. Lisa and Gaby and Biet joined me. We were on vacation after all. That's one thing I especially love about Lisa: she joins me on my spontaneous indulgent adventures. She is, and has always been, one of my best partners in crime.


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