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California part five: Pumpkin Carving & Sunsets

Posted on: Thursday

With Christmas and New Year's just around the corner, this memory of carving pumpkins with my sisters at Halloween feels like ages ago. I love these photos though, and wanted to post them before the end of the year. We forgot to snap a shot of the finished pumpkins, so I'll just say that my pumpkin may or may not have ended up with a mustache, a hat, and black-rimmed eyeglasses. I named him Little Gaby. Later that evening, my cousin Kallie stopped by with her parents (bearing gifts!) to meet Biet.  I used to take care of Kallie when she was Biet's age (she's almost 18 now!), and I can't believe how she's grown up! I must give Kallie (and the many hours I spent babysitting her in her infancy) some of the credit for honing my amazing baby-wrangling skills.

These last photos are from one particularly beautiful sunset on the beach (California seems to have quite a lot of those). It's funny how, growing up, I took those sunsets for granted. I used to loll in that golden glow each and every evening, watching the sky turn from blue to purple to red. The skies out East glow in a different kind of way; the sun settles beyond a skyline of concrete and brick instead of sand and water. Still, I wouldn't trade New York City for the world. I am glad, though, that Biet will visit the West often. She will bask in the glow of both coasts.


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