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Biet Meets the Family

Posted on: Thursday

Sometimes it's hard living in New York City with no family around. No Grandma's or Grandpa's to drop the baby off with for a few hours, no sisters to get coffee or go shopping or cook with. No parents and no cousins and no siblings. Our little family is Biet, Nico, and Mama & Papa- and it stops there. And it's beautiful, but every so often (especially when I talk to born-and-raised New Yorker friends with their countless aunts and uncles, and especially during the holidays) I wonder what it would be like to have our families closer. Of course, we have our friends, and they are amazing. But I do miss my family around this time of year.

We got to have one little week of intense family time last month, when we boarded a plane and headed out to California. It was kind of amazing. With my two sisters and Dad all living within a few blocks of each other, there was always somewhere to hang out and  someone cooking and someone to hold Biet. All of a sudden, my arms were baby-free, and I knew that my dear girl was in good hands, whomever she might be  bouncing around with. I miss that. This family vacation was monumental because it was on this trip that Biet met her Mama's side of the family for the first time (aside from Auntie Lisa, who came to the East Coast just after Biet's birth).  We snapped a few pictures of that first day, of the very first moments that Biet spent with my sisters and Dad. I want Biet to look at these one day and see how much her family has loved her from the moment they laid eyes on her. It was wonderful for me to spend time with all of them too. I really do miss that crazy family of mine sometimes...


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