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Posted on: Monday

I am truly thankful for my loved ones and for all of the amazing people in my life. I thank my husband for having a heart of gold, for reveling in his newfound fatherhood, and for reminding me each day of the importance, the necessity, of creativity.  I thank my sisters for making me laugh, always picking up the phone when I need to hear their voices, and for proving to me that sisterhood is a sacred bond. I thank my friends, near and far, who each hold a little spot in my heart. We have built a loose family with our NYC friends, and I thank them especially for being such a tremendous help so far as we navigate this life as parents. Thank you friends for all of your support, generosity, and last-minute babysitting adventures. You mean the world to us, and you have really shown us that it does indeed take a village. I thank my Dad for showing me what it is to be strong, for encouraging my unquenchable wonder, and for always teaching me that a bit of madness is a wonderful thing. I am thankful that he has finally held Biet in his arms, and that she will know his voice and his song. I thank my neighbors, the citizens of New York City, for creating the hustle and bustle that I so love, for each being a small part of the vast canvas of the city that, when woven together, is the backdrop on which anything is possible. You make NYC, you are NYC (yes, I'm talking to you crazy taxi drivers, businessmen, artists, immigrants, school kids, hot dog vendors, upper east side socialites, lower east side street musicians, transit workers, vagrants, movie stars, politicians, & locals of all neighborhoods in all five boroughs). You are why I love my home. I am thankful for my loving dog Nico (the best dog in the world). Nico, you are beauty, and you are family.

On Thanksgiving eve this year, Biet and I headed out to the local organic market and neighborhood fruit stands, and came home with bags and bags of seasonal produce. I stayed up late that night prepping the veggies and baking a chocolate hazelnut cake, and awoke early the next day to finish up. Then we all three dressed up, arranged our brussels sprouts and asparagus and kale and cheeses onto platters, and headed out to Queens, to our dear friends Joe & Scott's house (Joe & Scott's wedding was the first wedding Biet ever attended, when she was only a couple of months old). When we arrived, we were greeted with food & friends & games, and an amazing turkey baking in the oven.  Scott is quite an impressive chef. We lounged all afternoon, stuffing ourselves silly and playing charades.  Biet didn't get any turkey, but she did munch on a pear. She also had books upon books read to her, took a nap in the middle of the festivities on their bed, and got to play with Scott's brooch (she was FASCINATED with that pin!). It was quite a lovely Thanksgiving.  Thank you Joe & Scott, thank you fall, and thank you holiday season- you are off to a good start.


  1. Anonymous2:32:00 PM

    This entry was so beautiful!! I too feel the same way every time I go in to NYC. The energy within the city is so invigorating and it's just the best place to live:) While you are thankful for all the other things that make the world lovely, I am thankful for your blog; it makes everyday so much better.

    1. Wow, thank you! Your comment is so sweet and means a lot to me. I always hope to be able to make someone's day a little brighter.


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