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first Airplane ride

Posted on: Tuesday

Biet took her first flight on a jet plane! We three dropped Nico with our dog sitter and headed out on our first family vacation to... California! It turns out that our little baby girl is quite a spectacular traveler. She slept through most of the flight, and ate through the rest. By the time we arrived to the west coast, she was smiling and drooling and full to the brim. Gaby and I, on the other hand, were a bit exhausted (its tough to rest on the plane when you're holding a sleeping baby). The California sunshine perked us right up though. And who was there to pick us up at the airport? Auntie Lala and Grandpa! Biet finally got to meet her Grandfather (he'd been waiting to kiss her chubby face for five months!). I think she approves.


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