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Good Morning Brooklyn

Posted on: Sunday

We have arrived. All four of us.  And we are safe and happy and exhausted and adjusting to new routines in our new neighborhood. Hello Brooklyn! You are quite something. You seem a bit rough and tumble from afar, but are so very different up close. You may not have as many skyscrapers as Manhattan, but your buildings are ancient and quaint (with nice BIG apartments inside). Your parks are lush, your streets narrow, your skyline expansive, your people loud, and your pride palpable. You have hustle and bustle, and quiet neighborhoods too. We landed somewhere right in the middle. You also have flea markets & farmers markets & horses & beaches & elevated subways & docks & every kind of food imaginable. I am just getting to know you, Brooklyn, but so far I think I like you.

Our short journey here from across the river was comically disastrous. Beginning with our belongings not fitting into the 17 foot truck we rented and ending with the elevator being broken upon our arrival.  In between, another moving truck smashed into us on the Bowery and shattered the window on me (luckily, baby girl and her Papa weren't riding with me), it started raining, and our new apartment wasn't quite finished being renovated. We are just now beginning to laugh at it all.  All I can say is THANK YOU DEAR FRIENDS. An army of our amazing friends showed up at our place on moving day morning, coffees in hand, and jumped right in. They carried all of our furniture and boxes, took care of Biet & Nico, and kept our spirits high through each unforeseen setback. We quite literally could not have done it without them. We are so grateful to have such an amazing family of friends in the city. 

Now we've been here a week. The apartment is slowly coming together, and the blog is back up and running (it was on hold for a while due to switching internet providers & losing/packing the computer charger).  My favorite thing about our new space, so far, is the sunlight. The sun pours in from the big Brooklyn sky into every room of our apartment. It makes me want to take photographs all day. And it is simply lovely to wake up to in the morning.  I think baby girl feels the same way.


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