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Exploration Day 1 (photo heavy)

Posted on: Thursday

Twas a gloomy, rainy, overcast day yesterday. We awoke in our slowly evolving new home, sat down for coffee and breakfast, and began planning the projects we wanted to complete in the apartment that day. Should we build the new bed frame or put up shelves? Finish painting or put away the winter clothes? Organize the records or hang the guitars? Then Gaby had a great idea: how about none of it? What if we put the apartment plans on hold for a few hours and went on an adventure? Biet, Nico, and I were game. We threw our plans out the window, grabbed a couple umbrellas, and went to explore our new front yard: Prospect Park.
The park was completely deserted in the chilly wet weather, and it was beautiful. We hiked deep into the center of the land, past the lake and through the forested area, and into a lush green field. We discovered abandoned turn of the century platforms, grand at one time but now decaying. We let Nico run free and head the way. We watched the ducks and the swans, and said hello to the occasional fisherman. We walked under bridges & down staircases & along winding dirt pathways. It was a magical way to spend a rainy day.  I couldn't believe that we were still in New York City. I can't believe that this green oasis is our new New York City.


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