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Baby Reunion #2

Posted on: Monday

A couple of weeks ago we met up with our Bradley classmates for a second reunion of the babies (you can see the first reunion here).  This time, only four of the Mama's and their home-birthed babes could make it, but it was still a joy. I sat beside these women, each of us with our baby bumps & dreams of the future, when Biet was still unseen in my belly.  It amazes me to see the growth of the little ones and to witness their personalities slowly emerging (this time, there was a little crawling & a couple of teeth added to the mix!) I feel that Biet has such a special connection to these bambinos.  It will really be something when they can interact and play with one another (so far, these "playdates" have been more about us Mamas sharing experiences and advice as we navigate life as new mothers).    I love these little reunions & hope to continue them throughout Biet's childhood. Happily, all of the other Mamas feel the same way.


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