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Posted on: Monday

Apologies apologies! It's been awhile since I've updated the blog, so I do apologize. Life has been a bit hectic for the past couple of weeks. All of a sudden, our lives became about just one thing: moving. If you've ever had to move in New York City, you know what I'm talking about. Finding a new apartment is hard enough, finding a new apartment with a 4-month-old is, quite simply, a TON of work. We've been commuting every day for the past two weeks all around Brooklyn to see potential new homes (nursing on the subway and changing diapers on the floor of vacant apartments has become commonplace), dealing with a slew of brokers who handle said apartments, & collecting boxes from local businesses to pack up our home, all whilst both working full time & trying not to disrupt Biet's schedule. My apartment standards have raised so very much now that we have Biet. Now, a place must not only feel right to live and cook and sew and make music in, it must be worthy of my daughter. In each place we saw, I was acutely aware of the fact that this would be the place where Biet learns to crawl, to walk, and to communicate. The apartment we chose would become the backdrop of her very first memories. So we were picky.

And all the craziness and pickiness and stressfulness of the search for a new home paid off. Because today we signed a lease. We found it, and we are so grateful. It's a little scary- moving to a new neighborhood in a new borough with a new family, but also thrilling. I am utterly in love with our new apartment. Utterly. I can feel that it is the beginning of a new chapter of our lives. And just in time for this big change, the weather changed. A crisp chill blew into the city, letting us know that autumn is here. We're layering on sweaters and hats once again, and lacing up our fall boots. Biet has been alive for an entire season. She just turned 4 months old! And Gaby just turned a year older! We had a small gathering at home for his birthday with a delicious double chocolate cake made by yours truly.

Here are some photos of our life, these days. Many more will be coming shortly. Many more posts as well (because of course I have to post about our new apartment and the big move and Biet's new best friend and our adventures in the new neighborhood)..

The last picture is the outside door of our new (big+bright+hard-wood-floored) home (in 10 more days!!)..


  1. Yay for finding an awesome apartment!

    I know that hunt all to well in Boston and it's not fun. If I had limited funds it would be WAY more fun.

    Did you find apartment hunting with a pit bull hard? Landlords up here are extremely against them so it's hard to find people willing to let you live there even when the dogs are the sweetest things :(

  2. Thank you!
    Having Nico did make it much harder to find a place-many landlords here only allow small dogs. We were denied a couple of places because of her, but it turned out great in the end because the place we found is better than both of them.
    Also, instead of "Pit Bull", we say that she is an "American Staffordshire," which she very well may be- they are almost identical to pit bulls. :)

  3. I own a staffy too but wasn't quite sure what yours was, my apologies :)

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