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Staircase Photos Part 2

Posted on: Thursday

Here's another set of our "Publicity Photos". These photos will always remind me of our last month in the apartment in which Biet was born. That's right: we move in 3 weeks!! We're in the throes of apartment hunting (is it so much to ask for an affordable, spacious, sun-lit home in a cute neighborhood, with hardwood floors??) and about to delve into the world of packing. I'm a bit anxious about having to pack up our life into a million boxes and move across the bridge. Living out of suitcases, even for just a little while, with Biet being so small, might be a little hard. Or maybe it will be fun, an adventure- like camping out in our own home. Maybe we'll make s'mores and sing songs and dance around in our new empty space. I'll let you know next month. First, we need to find a new space- wish us luck!


  1. you and Biet are so angelic, beautiful family.


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