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New Doll + 16 Weeks!

Posted on: Monday

A handmade cloth doll from Etsy arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago. Biet is kind of in love with it. I named the doll Georgia, after the state she was made in, but I'm sure it will turn into JoJo or Geeja when Biet begins to talk. You can usually find baby girl laying on the big bed with Georgia in her chubby hands and Nico protecting her at her side. She'll examine the doll's patterned clothes and chew on her plush arms & legs. Sometimes she'll pause to sing a little babbling song. Georgia is the first toy Biet has taken any ongoing interest in. It makes me happy to see her so amused, so curious.

So thank you Jan from Little Sewing Cottage! Jan is the grandmother in Georgia who designed and sewed the doll and mailed her all the way to New York City for Biet. Her craftsmanship and attention to detail will blow your socks off. She even sewed an extra doll dress for Georgia for when Biet gets older & wants to dress her up (so thoughtful!). I highly recommend her Etsy shop!

Also, Biet is 16 weeks old today! I am in awe of how much our little girl has changed since birth. Now she really sees things, interacts, recognizes us, & smiles (and I'm pretty sure I witnessed her very first chuckle the other day). I am looking forward to introducing our little honey pie to her family on the west coast next month. One look at baby girl and they'll all be smitten, I'm sure of it. I think she and her Grandpa will get along especially well.


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