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My Little Loves

Posted on: Sunday

I'd just like to say Thank You to all of the readers who hopped over here from My Little Loves, & to Bekah for offering me the opportunity to do a guest post. It feels good to share my story with the world, & to read all of the lovely comments from other women. I am honored to be connected to such an amazing network of Mothers & Midwives & Doulas & Bloggers & Readers. So Thank You!

Life around here has been pure madness. I have a love/hate relationship with moving. I love starting anew, designing a new space, exploring new neighborhoods, and filtering through old possessions. I am not so thrilled about packing, removing the many many shelves and nails from our walls, and never being able to find anything while living out of suitcases. Our apartment is a sea of boxes and packing tape, but hopefully by this time next week we'll be settled into our new home. Biet doesn't seem to mind a bit. Nico, on the other hand, is not having a good time. She likes order. Really. She is a much happier pooch when the house is clean and orderly than when it is a mess. This moving business is stressing her out. I wish I could tell her that it's almost over, but all I can do is snuggle her in our bed (the bed is the only clutter-free place in our apartment right now), with her on one side and baby girl on the other. My two little ladies.

Here are the final 2 photos Gaby snapped of me for My Little Loves. Bekah posted them on her blog so I thought I'd share them here too!


  1. Anonymous11:08:00 AM

    you are beautiful and your baby is simply scrumptious!! i just discovered both you and bekah today and will be back. have a lovely weekend. <3


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