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Posted on: Thursday

So we are definitely moving come October 1st. We have decided to try to end up within a couple blocks of a NYC park this time. If we're lucky enough to find a place in my neighborhood of choice (I'm keeping my fingers crossed and obsessively checking craigslist every day) then the name of our new park (aka front yard) will be Prospect Park! Prospect Park: the wild-eyed stepsister of Central Park, the tourist-free oasis in the middle of Brooklyn, the home of botanical gardens & The Prospect Park lake (part of which is dedicated as a dog swimming area- Nico will thank me one day) & museums & a 99-year-old carousel & horseback riding (yes please) & an ice-skating rink & and acres of forest and wilderness!

Gaby and baby girl and myself took the train out the other day to get a feel for the park. We walked around our potential new neighborhood, chatted with locals, & sat and daydreamed of what it might be like to wake up each day to such wondrous nature. In my daydream we were calm and joyful, more creative than we'd ever been, in the center of a vibrant neighborhood and in a home with abundant space (and hard-wood floors & a huge kitchen & lots of natural light- ok, my dream may have been a bit unrealistic, but maybe not) and Nico & Biet were happy to have the brightness & freedom of the park.
Now I just need to make it all happen.


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