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Our Time

Posted on: Tuesday

Without an ounce of effort or planning, Biet now has a "bedtime." She determined it for herself. And the lucky number is: 9pm (sometimes 9:30 if she's feeling wild). Her little tiny body has its own little tiny rhythm and when we paid attention to it, a sleep cycle emerged. So now I really am starting to feel like a Mom. I've learned to try and have myself fed, the dog walked, & baby girl cleaned and swaddled by 9pm. Then the house is calm, and we get to have our time.

Our time: our end of the day meeting in the big bed. I gaze into my baby's eyes. She tells me how her day was. She demonstrates all of the new sounds she's learned (her tiny voice box is becoming very dynamic!) and faces she's working on. We listen to Papa's guitar playing drifting in from the next room. Biet shows off her drooly grin. We look out the window at the moon and the darkened trees and the bright city lights. She plays with my hair and I assure her that her's, too, will one day grow long & shiny, but maybe not the same color as Mama's. and then we nurse, nurse, nurse until baby girl falls asleep.

Sometimes (like tonight) I fall asleep too, and awaken to a darkened house with my husband & daughter sleeping next to me. Usually, though, Biet drifts off and then Gaby & I have a few hours of parent "freedom"- when we briefly go back to being just a couple. Then Nico might get an extra walk (to the deli as one of us goes on a late night Ben & Jerry's run) and we get to snuggle and watch movies. Until Biet's sleepy voice cries out for her Mama again. And then I return to her side to nurse her back into dreamland. I cherish this time with her, our time; our time as Mother & Daughter and nothing more and nothing less.


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