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Posted on: Monday

Hurricane Irene rumbled through our beloved city last night, bringing howling winds and pounding rain to our doorstep. Gaby, Biet, Nico, & I cooked a big meal and snuggled in the bed of our little tenement apartment. Of course we first moved the bed away from the windows, taped the window panes, filled a supply of water bottles, and stocked the house with food & batteries & candles. Then we turned on the projector, watched an old movie, and listened to the storm. I thought of my late Grandmother throughout the long, loud, night. Her name was Irene.

The morning came and, happily, we found that we had evaded disaster (more or less). The tree across the street had split down the middle (Gaby freaked out when he heard the wood splitting at 4 in the morning) & the top 2 floors of our apartment building had flooded (our poor neighbors!), but no one was hurt. Thank goodness. Now we have a house FULL of food, and a city that is quieter than I've ever seen it. The streets are deserted. It's kind of really beautiful.

Biet slept just fine through the storm. She's been through her first earthquake & first hurricane in the same week! I began snapping photos of her this morning & managed to catch the moment when she first awoke. She is so happy first thing in the morning! I think she gets this from her Papa (he is a bit more of a morning person than myself). It was lovely to see her steely blue eyes (those she gets from me) & chubby little smile, so simple and joyful, after such a long stressful night. I am so grateful today that my family and my city is safe.


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