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Posted on: Friday

If (or shall I say when) we find our dream apartment in the park-side neighborhood we've discovered (and now LOVE), then our local subway will no longer be the F-train, but instead the B. This means that when she's a bit older, little Biet will learn how to ride the B train. I like the thought of that. I can almost see her, metrocard in hand, toddling through the turnstile eagerly & fearlessly. I'll tell her stories about the days when we used shiny tokens to get on the subway instead of cards. And she, a street-smart tiny New Yorker, will tell us how how the B stands for the Biet train. Oh, the adventures to come!
Here are some more photos of our little trip to Prospect Park by way of the B-train..


  1. that bonnet is too cute! and also starts with a "B" so is very fitting! xo


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