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Subway to The Highline

Posted on: Saturday

Biet is becoming a subway-riding pro (or rather Gaby and I are becoming stroller-folding baby-wearing metro-card-weilding pros) lately. We were all feeling the urge to get out of our neighborhood the other evening, so we hopped on the uptown train, then walked cross-town, and finally arrived at... The Highline.  

We hadn't been there in nearly a year (I'm pretty sure the last time we walked along the ethereal garden in the sky was right before I was pregnant) and in our absence a whole new section of the highline opened- & it just keeps getting better! Now the mix of pathways and plants stretches twice the distance along the raised abandoned rail tracks, winding through the area's industrial architecture along the way. We strolled along in the dark, enjoying the city view from up high, and at the end of the tracks we decided to keep on strolling, all the way home.

So we walked the 30 blocks down and 10 Avenues over & finally arrived at our cozy apartment, happy & exhausted.  Biet slept for most of our outing, but decided to awake for a snack and a dance on our way home.  She woke up just as we were passing another street piano, so we all took a break and listened & swayed to the music for awhile.  The man playing was an elderly gentleman, dressed as an old-time cowboy.  He played AMAZING classical music without any sheet music.  It must have been an unusual sight: such a tiny baby out in the nighttime, dancing with her Mama in the middle of the street, to Beethoven being played by an ancient cowboy.  But New Yorkers are a little crazy like that; we set our own hours, play music if we want to, & make our own adventures.


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