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Rainbow City

Posted on: Tuesday

Imagine yourself walking up 10th Avenue on a hot summer evening, pushing a carriage through Hell's Kitchen with your slumbering baby & your husband at your side. The streets are empty, the buildings desolate, & you can see the wavy heat emanating from the concrete. It seems that this dark & industrial corner of town has been deserted for the summer. When, suddenly, you come across...

The empty parking lot of yesterday has been transformed into a colorful nighttime balloon land, a block of childish wonder squeezed into the somber city. You look inside- not many people.. You ask the admission price- "No, no, Miss, Rainbow City is free to everyone!" Are there rides? No. It was made to enjoy, to frolic & run around in, an interactive conceptual art piece. So you smile and look at your husband & sleeping daughter. And the three of you go inside to run & play..

And though the baby girl slept through it all, you know one day she'll see the photos. And on that day she'll see that all of the spontaneous joy, wonder, magic, & luck in her life, that it was in her life from day one.


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