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Baby Reunion.

Posted on: Monday

In preparation for Biet's birth, Gaby & I took a Bradley Method class. There were a dozen or so couples in our class, each awaiting & preparing for the arrival of their little devil (uh, I mean bundle of joy). We became especially close with our classmates because nearly every one of them, like us, was planning to have their baby at home. There were a few birthing center births, and one scheduled c-section, but I am proud to say that EACH & EVERY ONE OF US HAD THE BIRTHING EXPERIENCE WE HAD CHOSEN- no complications, no hospital transfers, & every baby born healthy! We spent 8 weeks together, learning about birth & forming friendships, and were all a tad bit sad when the classes came to an end.

Today we reunited. We met in Central park, spread out a mosaic of blankets, & chilled with our babies and our picnics in the shade. It was so exciting to finally meet all these little people whom we had talked about in class for so long. We exchanged birth stories and postpartum experiences, introduced the babes to one another, talked & laughed & ate. It was amazing to see everyone transformed from eager first-time pregnant couples into strong and wise parents. I am very proud of every woman in my class, and proud to be one of them. It was a lovely day.

This was the first time that Biet has really been around other babies (even though all these kids sat for hours right next to each other in their Mom's bellies during our classes) and I couldn't help but notice that she is a bit more "high-maintainence" than any of the others. Where the other babies whimpered, Biet yelled. Where they signaled for food, she screamed for a snack. Maybe she'd lay on the blanket with the others? No way, Biet only wanted to be carried around the park (and I couldn't even attempt to stop walking- around in circles, no less- because if the scenery stops moving, baby Biet gets angry). She finally allowed me to put her down with the others, on one condition- no pants. She spent the majority of the day diaper-free. She laid next to all the babes in their cute baby outfits, without her panties. When I tried to put the diaper back on, she broke down in tears. So I left it off. It's how she felt comfortable, my tiny nudist. If this is a preview of the future then we might have one picky girl on our hands.. But she's OUR picky girl and if that's how we made her, then she's perfect.


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