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Walking with Baby

Posted on: Thursday

Just a couple shots of Gaby & me walking around our neighborhood with Biet, in her Phil & Ted's stroller (the generous baby shower gift from my bosses over at Alias- thank you thank you thank you!). I truly love it's modern carriage design and, I can't believe I'm saying this about a stroller, feel both proud and cool pushing my daughter around town in it. I also wear Biet wrapped on me a lot of the time, and that feels just as cool. When Gaby takes the baby out for her morning walk- a daily ritual that gives them both time together & also gives me a quiet hour to myself- he gets all the ladies ooh-ing and aww-ing over what a cute Dad he is. And if he walks Nico & Biet together, forget it- it's a double cuteness whammy and women flock. So here we are, two stroller people (so weird but we're getting used to it).


  1. I am loving every post, especially those that deal with life in NYC :)
    What kind of stroller do you have and recommend?

  2. Thank you! We have a Phil & Teds Smart Stroller. I really like it because it is super lightweight and the wheels are heavy-duty, and those re two things I was looking for. The weight matters because you will inevitably be carrying it up and down subway stairs, and the wheels need to be able to handle all terrains (cobblestone, parks, puddles, old concrete). So it really depends what you're looking for. A few women I know have a Buggaboo and love it.

  3. This is a great link:


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