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Little Argentina

Posted on: Sunday

Biet's first car ride was through 3 boroughs & over 2 bridges to a quaint Queens neighborhood called Little Argentina. She was happy as a clam sitting in the back seat while Mama drove. I'm already planning the next drive with our new baby companion (I'm thinking the beach)..

Once we arrived in Little Argentina, Gaby & Adi were transported back to the country of their childhood. They were both over the moon. We were no longer in NYC, but instead a Spanish-speaking land filled with steak (so much steak!) & sausages, chimichurri, tea sandwiches, flan, dulce de leche, mate, & old-fashioned soda bottles.

We ate (a ton) & shopped & gazed through bakery windows at endless rows of pastries. For once, I was the one with the funny accent. I am so happy that Biet will grow up bilingual, and that we'll be able to bring her back to this little neighborhood where her heritage is celebrated so. One day we will journey to Buenos Aires, Gaby & Biet with their Argentinean passports & me with my American one, to see the city where Gaby was born. I can't wait to try the steak there.

These two ate too much..


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