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Lisa in the Rain

Posted on: Tuesday

Oh Lisa, I wish you lived in NYC! Look at how beautiful you look caught in an unexpected mid-summer rain storm! You don't get many of those in Los Angeles...

We were walking on the Bowery when the storm started. Instead of heading home when the skies opened up, we pulled out the camera and continued on. I am reminded of the many "photo shoots" Lisa and I would stage growing up. We would style hair, make-up, & wardrobe; I was usually the photographer & Lisa the model. Looks like we still got it.

I think that Biet liked the rain. When she's a bit older & a summer storm begins, we'll take off our shoes, close up the umbrellas, & brave the elements (It's exhilarating. I highly recommend it). Everyone on the streets will hurry to shelter, everyone except us. We'll run through Tompkins Square Park, barefoot & soaked in the hot summer air, and for a few moments, the park will belong to us alone. Maybe Aunt Lisa will be there to run with us..


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