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A Father's Day Moonlight Picnic

Posted on: Tuesday

Growing up, my Dad always told us three girls that the best gift he could receive on a holiday was something handmade by us. In lieu of a new shirt or tie, we would make Dad a painting or picture frame or home-cooked meal. That's just how we did holidays.

So for Biet's first Father's Day with her Papa, I contemplated making a little card for Gaby "signed" by her, but reconsidered. I want this to be her and her father's holiday. I want him to begin receiving cards as soon as she is big enough to make them. I want each year for his gift to be handmade, from the heart, & from her.
So instead of gifts, we celebrated with an all-day outing through the West Village that included a trip to the bakery, the record shop, & one of our favorite Italian dinner spots. Biet stayed strapped to her Papa the whole time.

Along the way, we spotted one of the street pianos (upright pianos placed in outdoor spaces all around NYC for public use by an amazing organization called Sing For Hope) and wandered over. A man sat down and started serenading Gaby & Biet, who both began dancing to the old-timey song, which started the whole street corner dancing, which elicited excited barking from Nico, which caused everyone to burst out laughing. Spontaneous corner dance parties: yet another reason why I love this city.

When we finally made it down Sullivan street to the restaurant, it was full (all 3 tables) & we were starving. So we ordered to-go & had a little moonlight picnic at the park instead. The air was summery warm and the city seemed so quiet as we dined alone in the park. It is a day I will not soon forget. And that memory is better than any card.


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