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an even better NYC

Posted on: Sunday

I am so PROUD to say that New York City just became an even better place to live & raise a child. Today, on the 42nd Annual Gay Pride march for civil rights, same-sex marriage is legal. I feel honored to be a New Yorker today.

The first wedding Biet will attend will be that of a same-sex couple when our dear dear friends Joe & Scott tie the knot in a beautiful East Village garden next month (I can't wait!). Now, finally, New York State will recognize it legally. I am amazed (as I'm sure my parents were when I was born 27 years ago) when I think of how different the world of my daughter's childhood will be from that of mine. Biet won't remember a time when it was illegal for two men or women to marry, just as I only read in history books of a time when interracial marriage was illegal. I guess that's just the nature of marriage: ever evolving.

I imagine Biet playing wedding with her friends (& future siblings, in time) one day and that the color, background, and sex of the children won't matter one bit. Everyone will be able to play, with no gender roles, no rules, & no judgement. NYC has always been a place of great acceptance, but now the final social prejudices are fading away. And today, we'll celebrate. I am so grateful & proud that this is Biet's home town.

Another little reason to celebrate today: baby girl just slept 7 hours through the night for the first time (!!!)


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