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Posted on: Thursday

Every morning since we've been married Gaby makes me coffee, & he's promised to continue for evermore. This is yet another reason why I love him. I usually am awoken in bed with a hot cup straight from the stove (yes we make our coffee in an old-fashioned stove-top percolator), but times have changed. Now I am usually awoken by a darling little baby who's hungry for breakfast, and the coffee comes later. And I'm ok with that. Because now I've promised to feed (and clothe & bathe & teach & love & make magic with) a little person every morning, and for evermore.

So this morning the coffee was pushed back to afternoon. And when it finally arrived it came with a surprise: ice. For it is finally true summer here in New York City; sticky, sweltering, break-a-fire-hydrant-open summer. I LOVE IT. I love NYC humidity, frizzy hair, living off of watermelon and Italian ice, Coney Island, block parties, black feet from wearing sandals in a metropolis, coconut vendors on the corner, impromptu baths in the Washington Square Park fountain, rooftop BBQ's, summer dresses, ice-cream, and iced coffee.

Gaby made us iced coffee for the first time this year, and to celebrate we went outside to drink it. We sat outside the cemetery across the street from our building. We let Biet feel a little sunshine on her cheeks, sipped our coffees, mingled with neighbors, & snapped a few photos. Happy summer!


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