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Auntie Lala

Posted on: Friday

Another sister is in town.. Biet's Aunt Lisa, or "Auntie Lala" as she has already been christened by her nephew (we'll see which name baby girl prefers). I have a sneaky suspicion that "Lala" may be on the list of first words. I also have a slight suspicion that Lisa will one day be Biet's "cool" aunt, providing hip & exciting adventures and endless phone calls filled with advice. Once again we'll just have to wait & see.

Lisa was in the city for a whirlwind visit with us, and I already miss her so. We went thrift store shopping (I have dearly missed shopping for non-maternity clothes). We tried cupcakes from a new bakery (they were pretty good, but my favorites are still from here & here). We went on an emergency adventure at two in the morning to New Jersey & Brooklyn to rescue Gaby & his coworkers (they blew out their tire coming back from a gig) which involved a car seat, Junior's Cheesecake Factory, & a minivan full of Hasidic Jewish men.. long story. We made hummus. We got done up & went out to dinner. Lisa gave Biet her first bottle- a semi-successful attempt- while officially babysitting her for the first time. And we relaxed at home & talked & made food & took care of baby girl together. It was a truly lovely visit & I can't wait until we see her again this autumn. Oh how I love & miss my sisters.


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