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1 Month of Motherhood

Posted on: Monday

I am proud to say that I have been a mother to lovely Biet for 1 month now. I am so in love with my daughter, and more in love than ever with my husband. When people ask me how it is to be a parent, the most fitting answer I can give is "normal." Is it exciting? At first, absolutely! Is it hard? Not terribly once you adjust your schedule. Is it magical? Of course, but life in this city always has been. More than anything, it feels truly normal and natural to have this little one around. Life has simply continued on as always, except perhaps a bit slower at times. That is one thing that motherhood taught me right away- life now runs by a different clock. Something that used to take one hour suddenly takes three hours to accomplish with a baby. Biet has slowed down the pace of our days, and its ok, its actually really good for us. We stop to smell the roses now, and to enjoy the season, and to adore our baby.

Here are a few other lessons I have learned thus far:

* When you're out and about, always take more diapers than you anticipate needing. Like ice at a dinner party, you will inevitably run out and need to go buy more (or as in our case as cloth diapering novices, need to improvise with anything made out of soft fabric).

* Never ever ever ever try to use those itsy bitsy baby nail clippers. They nick the tips of baby fingers, which results in bleeding & screaming & you feeling like a horrible mother. Invest $15 on small safety scissors instead. They work.

* Let your baby decide what makes them happy, not trends nor marketers nor tradition. Many products made for babies are not more useful than their simpler counterparts. Biet prefers olive oil over diaper cream, Bob Dylan over nursery rhymes, city sights & sounds over mobiles, and being naked over the cutest newborn outfits, any day.

* With a bit of practice, you can become a diaper master, able to change a baby anywhere! You learn to improvise everywhere with a baby in the city. I change Biet on the subway, on my lap, on park benches, cafe banquets, in taxis, and here on the stone chessboard table at the Soho playground:


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